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About your home

Being a Sentinel customer means that you get more than a roof over your head

Our dedicated staff can provide you with expert advice and support to help you and your family make the most of your home and community.

What to expect when you move into your new home. 

Residents at their new home in Popley

Maintaining your home to a good standard is top of our agenda. Our day to day repairs service is second to none and our staff are here to make sure it meets the high standards we’ve set alongside our customers.




Support and advice

Looking after your home is only part of what we do. Your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator can help with everything to do with your tenancy, from the moment you move into your home, through changes in your family circumstances to the time you may decide to move.

We’re here to help if things go wrong.

If you have a problem with a neighbour, are struggling with your finances or maybe going through a family break-up, we have specialist staff who can offer advice and support.

And if they can’t help, we can refer you to someone who can.