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Struggling to pay your rent?

We understand that managing your money can sometimes be difficult

Falling into rent arrears can cause stress and put increased pressure on both you and your family.

Support and advice

We offer support and advice to help you deal with rent arrears and debt and to help you get 'back on track'.

From helping you budget to ensuring you're receiving the right benefits, our arrears officers work with other organisations in the local area to help manage your money if you find yourself struggling.

Supporting you through the hard times

With a little help from TV presenter Dominic Littlewood, we've created a film with lots of helpful tips and advice.

See our booklet: Supporting You Through The Hard Times, Your Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances'.

It has forms to help you set your budget, as well as letter templates to send to your creditors if you're struggling to pay your debts.

Beware of loan sharks

If you've borrowed money form a loan shark you can get confidential help and advice from the Illegal Money Lending Team. They're available 24 hours on 0300 555 22 22 or you can text LOAN SHARK and the lender's details to 60003 or you can email them at   

More information

Ways to pay your rent

Paying your rent customer information sheet 

Download your handy rent calendar to help you keep track of what you've paid.

If you've read through the information above and you're still not sure where to start, then please give your Arrears Officer a call on 0800 195 5515 (or 0300 666 5515 from a mobile).

The Money Advice Service - provides independent advice and aims to help everyone understand and manage their money better. Taking their 10 minute health check will give you a personalised action plan to help sort out your money priorities now, and plan for the future – whatever your goals may be. Visit the Money Advice Service website at

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) - you can access online advice at or contact your local branch. To find you local CAB call 08444 111 444 or visit the website.

StepChange Debt Charity - debt help charity offering free advice, debt management plans and an online counselling service. Visit or call 0800 138 1111.

National Debtline - a helpline that provides free confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems. Go to  or call 0808 808 4000.

My Money Steps - is a free online debt advice service run by National Debtline. It provides advice tailored to your situation and a personalised action plan to help you take control of your debts. You can use it to get independent and confidential advice whenever you need it. Visit

Credit unions - are member-owned financial cooperatives which provide a range of savings accounts, affordable loans and other financial services to its members.

Community Savings & Loans is the Credit Union for anyone who lives or works in Berkshire.

Call 0118 958 5803 or go to

United Savings & Loans Credit Union Ltd is the Credit Union for anyone who lives or works in Hampshire.

They now offer  Jam Jar Accounts. Jam Jar Accounts are a budgeting account to help you manage your money. Their staff will work with you to set up “Jars” for what you need to pay each month to take the worry out of budgeting. Each month your commitments will be made, with the remaining funds transferred to an external bank account or a Credit Union Pre-Paid Card.

Benefit payments or wages can go directly into your Jam Jar Account and you can set up Jars for  your priority bills such as;  rent, gas, electricity and water.  This keeps the money you have left  to spend separate from your priority commitments.

To find out more call 023 9282 7980 or visit

SurreySave Credit Union Ltd is the Credit Union for anyone who lives or works in Surrey.

Call 0844 406 0984 or visit