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Need a garage?

With so many cars on the roads these days, it's not always easy to find somewhere Garages galoreto park.

We've got more than 3400 garages in most of our neighbourhoods and although some areas are very popular and we may have a waiting list, it's always worth checking with us as we may be able to offer you an alternative nearby.

It could cost less than you think

Prices start from £7.78 per week if you rent your home from us and £9.33 per week if you don’t or if you rent a second garage.

Who can apply for a garage?

  • Anyone 18 or over can apply to rent a garage from Sentinel.
  • If you rent your home from Sentinel, and wish to rent a garage you must have a clear rent account. If you do not rent your home from Sentinel you can still apply to rent a garage garage, and will need to pay VAT.


  • You are responsible for paying the rent in advance each month.
  • Any repairs to a garage will carry a priority 3 (i.e. up to 19 working days).
  • Sentinel Housing Association accepts no responsibility for any property stored in a garage or for any items left in a garage after the termination of the tenancy.
  • You must inform the Association of any change to your contact address or telephone number within seven days of any change.
  • You will not cause any obstructions to other garage users. You will be renting the garage, not the hardstanding in front or the surrounding areas.
  • Garages can be used to store a vehicle or household goods but hazardous materials must not be stored in a garage. You must not use a garage for business purposes without prior permission in writing.
  • Payment for a garage is made monthly in advance. The most convenient way to pay is by direct debit, you can also pay by debit card over the phone or via the internet or by card at any Post Office or All Pay paypoint.
  • Some areas are very popular and we may have to put your name on a waiting list.
  • Once we receive your completed form and we confirm that you are eligible to register on the Garage Waiting List, your application will be registered.
  • You will be sent an acknowledgement letter as soon as possible giving your application number.
  • You must re-register your application every six months. Failure to do so will result in your application being cancelled. No reminder will be sent.
  • Failure to respond in writing to an offer of a garage tenancy will also result in your application being cancelled.
  • If you have a joint tenancy with Sentinel please include both names.

Get in touch

Give us a call on 0800 195 5515 to check availability or apply below.


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Second applicant (if applicable)


Contact details

Garage tenancy


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an additional garage?




Basingstoke and surrounding areas

Lane End

Holt Cottages
Oakley Road
White Hill

Ash Grove
Elm Grove
Fawconer Road
Longcroft Road
Strokins Road
Tile Barn (E.Woodhay)


Belle Vue Road
Cavalier Road
Loyalty Lane

Bennet Close
Freemantle Close
Martin Close
Silvester Close
Taverner Close
Westray Close

Coleman Close
Gregory Close
Jefferson Road
Mullins Close
Normanton Road
Oakridge Towers
Wateridge Road

Millard Close
Osborne Road

Abbey 7 – 58
Abbey 67 – 120
Abbey 126 – 212
Abbey 221 – 241
Abbey 252 – 279
Abbey 296 – 307
Abbey 354 – 362
Abbey 373 – 403
Abbey 440 – 449
Abbey 478 – 483
Abbey 484 – 515
Abbey 534 – 539
Abbey 540 – 564
Abbey 565 – 582
Abbey 612 – 618
Buckfast Close
Fountains Close
Glastonbury Close
Romsey Close
Tintern Close

Anglesey Close
Bermuda Close
Falkland Road
Gilbert Close
Guernsey Close
Jersey Close
Malta Close
Montserrat Road
Tasmania Close

Browning Close
Burns Close
Byron Close
Chaucer Close
Dryden Close
Keats Close
Lawrence Close
Marlowe Close
Milton Close
Shelley Close
Wordsworth Close

Ascension Close
Cayman Close
Lundy Close
Orkney Close
Pitcairn Close
Maldive Road
Madeira Close
Timor Close

Dancers Meadow
Spring Close
Vidlers Farm

Bow Drive
Bullsdown Close
The Plantation
The Springs

Kingsclere Road
Lancaster Road
Lewis Close
Norden Close
Shooters Way

Burney Bit
Glebe Close
Gravelly Close
Hanger Road
Hartleys, Silchester
Hydes Platt
Maple Grove
Mount Pleasant
Mulford Hill
Stephens Road
The Bridges
The Close
The Green
Three Houses

Kenilworth Road 51 - 57
Kenilworth Road 46-52
Kenilworth Road 54-88
Kenilworth Road 114-124

Kenilworth Road 51 - 57
Kenilworth Road 78-87
Kenilworth Road 135-233
Kenilworth Road 275-293
Kenilworth Road 339-345

Laburnum Way
Lilac Way
Sycamore Way

Ludlow Close
Warwick Road
Watson Way
Willoughby Way
Wilmott Way
Woolford Way

Dover Close
Dudley Close
Harlech Road
Hereford Road
Pembroke Road
Tiverton Road
Winklebury Centre
(1-20 are underground 1a – 6a and 21-34 are above ground)

Breachfield, Burghclere
Copnor, Woolton Hill
Harts Cottages, Burghclere
The Mount, Woolton Hill
Oakfields Close, Ecchinswell

Fleet and surrounding areas

Dukes Park

Hearsey Gardens

Elvetham Place
Kenilworth Crescent
Victoria Hill Road
The Lea

Clayton Close
Dilly Lane
Hopfield Road
Mabbs Lane
Mitchell Avenue
Rosefield Court
Sandy Lane
St Mary’s Road
Walpole Gardens
Warren Close

Harlech Road
Maple Close
West Green

Equality and Diversity monitoring

Prefer not to say
White British
White Irish
Other White
Mixed White and Black Caribbean
Mixed White and Black African
Mixed White Asian
Other Mixed
Asian or Asian British Indian
Asian or Asian British Bangladeshi
Other Asian
Black or Black British Caribbean
Black or Black British African
Black or Black British other