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Gas Servicing

Take advantage of a free annual gas check

Legal as a landlord we have to check all the gas appliances we own every year to make sure they work safely.  Checking them this often gives you peace of mind to know that everything is working in your home - and it's free, so it's a great perk really.  

When your annual gas safety check is due, our contractor  - Central Heating Services (CHS) - will contact you to arrange an appointment then send a registered engineer to carry out the work. The inspection takes less than an hour and you can book appointments all day to fit around your schedule.  

Denying access 

Although most of our customers are happy to allow CHS engineers to carry out the gas safety check, we do have a small minority who refuse access to their home. We'd just like you to know that if you do this, you'll be breaking the tenency agreement you have with us, and we have to take it seriously.  Not only is it dangerous for you, but it's also dangerous for your neighbours too.

If you won't let CHS in to check the gas, then we'll have to get a court order to gain access.  All of that work involves using solicitors which  are expensive and will be billed to you.   If we send a solicitor's letter it'll cost you £23. If court action is taken then it could cost you £700+.

So for your own safety and peace of mind, please make sure you make an appointment with CHS for your annual gas safety check when they write to you to say it is due- thanks.  

For more information on gas safety: