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Ways to pay your rent

Making it easy for you

Rents are set by government and reviewed annually. While most customers pay on time, we recognise that some can find it difficult to pay, possibly leading to the loss of your home.

This is the last thing we want, so we've made it easy for you to stay in the black.

You can make this happen by:

Direct Debit 

The easiest way to pay your rent is by Direct Debit. Simply fill in a form and send it to our Finance Department and we’ll organise your rent payment through your bank account to Sentinel.

Phone us to ask for a Direct Debit form or...


You can use your Allpay card at the Post Office or any other outlet displaying the PayPoint or PAYzone symbol.


Make cheques payable to "Sentinel Housing Association" and post them or hand them in at our reception at the Basingstoke office. Please write your address or property reference number on the back of the cheque.


Pay your rent using Allpay click hereTo use our online service, simply click on the icon on the left and you’ll be redirected to - our preferred Internet payment facility.


Download the app

Download the allpay app Available on the App StoreAvailable on Android

iPhone and Android users can now download a free app to make payments easier.

The allpay app is free of charge and enables you to pay bills easily, wherever you are, at the touch of a button. What’s more, once you've logged into your account via the app, you can store all your payment reference numbers, bank card details and payment amounts so you don’t have to enter them every time.

Plus you can create a four digit pin number to access the app so you don’t need to go through a lengthy login process every time to use it. All of this is in the secure environment you would expect from allpay.

Click on the icons above to download the apps.

Over the phone

You can even pay with your debit card by phoning the CSC on 01256 33 88 00 and speaking to a customer service advisor or at the reception desk when you visit our offices.

You can pay using allpay telephone payments. Call 0844 557 8321 and an automated system will take your payment at any time of the day or night. To use this 24/7 service you will need an allpay card and a debit card. 

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Struggling to pay?

If you're struggling to pay your rent for whatever reason give us a call, we can agree a payment plan with you to help you over a tricky period and offer advice and support so you can manage your money better in the future.

Housing benefit

If you can't afford to pay your rent, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. You can apply for Housing Benefit through the following local councils:


Whether or not you are eligible for Housing Benefit depends on:

  • Your household income and savings (some benefits such as Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance are not counted as income)
  • The amount of rent you have to pay, and
  • Who else lives with you.

If the Housing Benefit doesn't cover all your rent, you must pay the difference. It's really important that you tell us how much benefit you will be receiving and from what date, so we can make sure your account doesn't go into arrears.

Simply give us a call on 0800 195 5515 or 0300 666 5515 from your mobile and ask to speak to your Arrears Recovery Officer.

More information

Remember, each year there are rent-free weeks. For Basingstoke residents there are 4 rent-free weeks and Hart residents get 2.

See the rent-free week calendar 2014/15