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A community hub

Extra care livingCampbell Place will become a focal point for the older population of Hart, all will be very welcome to attend activities organised within the scheme.

Visitors to the scheme will not have full access to all areas, unless invited. This will ensure privacy for those of you whose home it becomes. A number of private lounges are available solely for the use of residents and their guests.

Campbell Place, a community hubAs well as inviting other older people into Campbell Place, we aim to get other age groups involved where appropriate – for example younger people coming in to teach computer skills to those of you who are interested.

As well as scheme activities, we plan to arrange short trips to places of interest, we will work closely with local voluntary groups to ensure activities are what you want. We will listen to your views and do our best to make it happen, initially these could include:

            • Cinema trips
            • Bowling or skittles
            • Swimming or gym
            • Healthy walks
            • Visiting local places of interest

We hope that Campbell Place will become a ‘community’ within the well established and popular existing community of Fleet. Of course, you don’t have to take part – but these activities are there if you need them.

What else is going on?

The restaurant facility at Campbell Place will be managed by Fresh Start, a local Social Enterprise scheme that many of you may already be aware of. Those of you interested in good food, baking or similar will be more than welcome to offer ideas for the future.

Within the communal gardens of Campbell Place, lies a secluded courtyard setting making it ideal for outdoor events. Equipped with a garden room, greenhouse and potting shed, we hope to maximise the use of these facilities so will be keen to hear from those of you with green fingers.

The Hairdressing service, visiting Chiropodist and other services we have planned for will develop over time with your support.