Manage your home

Everything you need to know about owning, renting and managing your home.

From your rights and responsibilities, repairs and maintenance and getting on with your neighbours, to options available if you need more space or perhaps need help to keep living independently in your current home.

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Maintaining your home

Get advice on fire safety in your home, what to do with asbestos, and how to prevent damp and mould.

We've even got tips on how to get the most out of systems in your home, to help you save energy and money.

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How we can help

Whether you’re struggling with your finances, going through a family break up or even need some pointers on how to use your new computer, we have specialist staff to advise and support you. And if they can’t help, we can refer you to someone who can. 

Financial support

Here you'll find all the information you need on benefits, ways to save money on your bills and help with paying your rent.

Digital support

We can give you as little or as much help as you want to get you online, including one to one support.

Tenancy sustainment officers

Our specialist staff are here to help you reduce your debts, rent arrears and increase your independence in this ever changing world.

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