Other services available

We have a range of dedicated staff who offer expert advice and support.

Looking after your home is only part of what we do.

From the moment you move into your home to the time you decide to move on. We can help you stay on track and offer advice if things go wrong.

Whether you’re struggling with your finances, going through a family break up or even need some pointers on how to use your new computer, we have specialist staff to advise and support you. And if they can’t help, we can refer you to someone who can.  

Tenancy sustainment officers

We're here to offer advice and support by, helping you to reduce your debts and increase your independence.

We can help with applying for the benefits, making sure you've got everything you're entitled to, budgeting and other support with managing your life. And to put you at ease, we'll come to you so you don't even need to come to our office.


Training and employment

We can help with applying for jobs, getting into training or work experience to build up your knowledge and skills.  


Financial support
Digital support