Adapting your home

We want to make sure your home stays in tip top condition and is suitable for your needs.

Keeping your home up to scratch

To make sure your home stays in tip top condition we keep track of all the repairs and maintenance done to all the homes we own. And we have a planned programme to improve or replace items depending on the age of the property. As your rented home gets older we may need to improve or replace items like kitchens, bathrooms, boilers or electrical wiring.

When your home is due for any improvement work, we'll let you know what work we’re planning, when it’ll happen and who will do it. If we’re replacing kitchen units or a bathroom suite you’ll get to choose from a range of worktops, units, handles, wall tiles and flooring.

If you’re a homeowner living in a property with communal or shared areas, we may also consult you before we enter into a new contract to carry out major work to the structure or communal areas in the building, or for services included in your service charge.


Adapting your home to you

Sometimes if your home is no longer suitable for you, we can help by making some changes. There are lots of different ways we can adapt your home from grab rails and ramps to bathing aids and stair lifts. All designed to  help you live independently for longer.

We can make a variety of changes to your home to make your life easier. Here’s some examples: 

Minor changes

  • Grab bars
  • Handrails for staircases
  • Door and wall protectors
  • Lever taps

Major changes

  • Level access showers
  • Additional toilet facilities
  • Lift installations
  • And improving the access to your home for those with visual and/ or hearing impairments

How can I get the work done?

Before we can start work you'll need a letter from your occupational therapist who’ll recommend what type of work you need, you can ask for a referral by contacting Social Services.

Email us at or call 0800 195 5515, to find out what you need to do next. 

How much will the work cost?

If the changes to your home cost £1000 or less we’ll carry out the work free of charge, regardless of your income.

Any work costing more than this will need to be funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant. These grants are means tested and your local council will look at your income and savings and then assess how much you may have to pay.

How long will I have to wait?

Small changes, like fitting hand rails to staircases or lever style taps to sinks and baths, can be approved by our surveyors and will normally take a few weeks to complete.

If the changes to your home are more substantial and need to be assessed by an occupational therapist, they’ll take longer to do.

The occupational therapist may need to visit you at home to properly understand what your needs are. This will also give us important information about the size, location and type of materials needed to complete the changes to your home.

They’ll let us know their recommendations for the changes you need and then we’ll plan the work into our schedule. Once the work is ordered it’s normally finished within 3 weeks.