Get permission to alter your home

You'll need permission before you start any work on your home

We understand that there are times when you want to make small, or sometimes big, changes to your home.

We want to be able to say yes where we can, but sometimes there are good reasons for us to say no.

Please ask us for permission before you make any changes to your home. There are some things where permission is granted automatically if you meet certain conditions.

To find out if you match these conditions, click on the relevant link below. Complete the section with your details, and tick the conditions that you can agree to.

Putting up an aerial on a house

Putting up an aerial on a block of flats

Installing cable TV / Internet in a house

Putting up a satellite dish on a block

Putting up a satellite dish on a house

Installing a cable / Sky multi room system

Getting loft or cavity wall insulation

Fencing in your property’s garden

Putting up a shed

Installing a water butt in your garden

Changing your water / gas / electric meter

Installing a cat flap

Removing kitchen units to install a dishwasher

Installing a shower

Replacing your kitchen, bathroom, windows or doors

Upgrading your heating system

Installing flooring, other than lino or carpet

Creating a drive way / dropping the kerb

Turning your integrated garage into a room

Knocking down a wall / removing a fitted wardrobe

Adding a conservatory or extension to your home

Converting your loft into a room

Installing new door ways

Other work to your home

Please don’t start any work or book anything in until you've got permission to do it, or until you’ve checked that you meet the criteria for permission to be granted.

If you live in a right to buy property, or a property that was once owned by us or a local authority and you’ve been told you need to ask us for permission, please write to us or email us at giving as much information as possible.