Find out what we'll fix in your home and how to report it.

Our in house repairs and maintenance specialists do over 20,000 repairs a year.

We know how important a great repairs service is, so we’re always looking for ways to make it even better.

When you report a repair, it'll first be handled by one of our Repairs Coordinators in the office. They’ll take all the details from you and offer you an appointment. They then pass the repair over to our tradespeople. We've got over 30 qualified professionals - trained plumbers, carpenters, floor layers, electricians, decorators and multi-trades, who do over two thirds of our repairs.

Other repairs are done by carefully selected specialist contractors. We keep a close eye on contractors to make sure they deliver the same high standards that we expect from our tradespeople. 

Who does what in your home?

Find out what you're responsible for in your home and what we'll repair. This covers most of our tenancies. If you, someone who lives with you, or one of your guests damages your home, or if you haven't looked after it properly, you'll have to fix it. And remember, we don’t repair anything you've installed or that you've accepted responsibility for.

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When we come to your home

Our staff and our contractors know how important it is to show their ID when they come to your home. And if you have a question during the repair, please do ask - we’re happy to try and help.

When we come to do a repair at your home, please clear the area around the repair before we arrive. This includes emptying any cupboards and making sure it's clean. To keep children and pets safe, please keep them well away from the area we're working in. This makes it easier for us to work quickly and safely.

Report a repair

You can report your issue here by filling out the form, giving as much detail as you can. 

Got an emergency?

Call us free on 0800 195 5515 anytime of day or night to report an emergency repair.


Keep in mind, that if we come to your home and the repair isn't an emergency, you'll be charged an emergency call-out fee.

An emergency repair is something that’s causing danger to you or your property. We’ll come and make it safe.

We carry out emergency repairs within 24 hours - usually quicker.

Gas service

For any problems with your gas central heating, boiler, or for gas servicing, call Central Heating Service (CHS) directly on 0800 917 9306.

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