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What a great idea!

Your feedback helps us to make our services better. Here are just some of the recent changes we've made after listening to your feedback:



Some of your great ideas
Customer idea What we did
Sometimes your letters are difficult to understand We started a customer reader group, who make sure our standard letters use plain English and are easy to understand
Banks let people opt out of getting a paper bank statement We brought in a secure, online statement facility that also allows customers to opt out of receiving paper statements
Working full time makes it difficult to be at home for repair calls We now offer repair appointments until 8pm (Mon - Thur) and until noon on Saturday.
Struggling to replace tap washers Now repairs to taps are our responsibility instead of our customer's


Got a great idea?

If you've got an idea for us to improve our service to you, get in touch and let us know. If we put your idea into action you can win £25 of shopping vouchers.