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Did you know?


We're planning to build an average of 500 new homes every year until 2019...

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Be involved

There are lots of ways you can have your say and get involved in your community.

Want to make a real difference to the service you get from us and help us to improve our services at the same time?

Whether you're really busy or you have time on your hands, the choices available are wide ranging - from filling in a quick survey to becoming a full board member.


See3sixty is our new way to get involved. Find out more.


You won't be out of pocket

If you want to get involved and make a difference, we'll make it as easy as possible for you.

We'll cover your babysitting, childminding or carer costs (up to £6 per hour) and pay for transport to get you to and from meetings or events.

For more information on community involvement, call us on 0800 195 5515 (FREE from a landline) or 0300 666 5515 from your mobile.

What's the point?

We work hard to give you the best service possible and your views help us to set our service standards and to keep improving the service we provide.

Find out how we're doing.