Social and affordable rent homes

Social and affordable homes are lower to rent than what you’d pay privately.

We advertise all these homes through local authority choice based lettings schemes. If you’re interested in this type of home you need to register with the local authority in the area you’d like to live in. You can then bid on any homes you are interested in. We let all these homes on assured or fixed term tenancies.

You must have a household income of less than £60,000 to be eligible. Even if you earn less than this, if you have enough money to rent privately or buy a home, we may not be able to help you with this type of tenancy. But you could look at market rent or intermediate market rent homes.

We also make sure that you’ve got enough money to pay the rent. If you don’t, we’ll try and offer advice to help you make the best of your income. 

How to apply

First you'll need to register on the local authority's housing register.

Once you've registered and been accepted you can then bid on our social rent homes.

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