Why rent from us?

We’re a locally based landlord with a great reputation for providing quality homes and services.

Whatever type of home you rent from us you’re guaranteed the same high standard of customer service, quality workmanship and a 24/7 emergency repairs service. 

Here’s what all our customers can expect:

  • 24 hour emergency repairs service
  • All repairs done by fully qualified tradespeople, either one of our HomeTeam or a specialist contractor
  • Regular inspections to keep your neighbourhood looking good
  • Regular grounds maintenance and communal cleaning service (unless provided by a management company)
  • Pay for services on line via our website
  • Report repairs on line via our website
  • Knowledgeable and trained staff
  • A one stop shop service, so you usually only need to speak to one person to get an answer
  • A range of homes and rental options 



We also offer some extra services depending on the type of home you rent.

Social and affordable homes

Homes rented through local councils

  • Advice and support from our Tenancy Sustainment Service, if you need short term help with money management or getting into work or training.
  • A range of ways to pay rent and other charges
  • Local Housing Association

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Homes for older people

Sheltered or extra care schemes

  • A range of ways to pay rent
  • Staff on site to manage the building
  • Extra care services at Abbey Court in Basingstoke and Campbell Court in Fleet

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Intermediate market rent

80% of what a private landlord would charge

  • Published service standards - so you know what to expect

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Market rent

Same as a private landlord would charge

  • Published and measured service standards so you know what to expect
  • The confidence of having a large, experienced, socially responsible landlord.

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