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Dealing with anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Safety first

We're really keen to help you resolve any problems you may experience with anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood because we know how much it spoils the enjoyment of living in your home.

Reporting a new problem

If you wish to report a new problem, please complete an initial report form or call us on 0800 195 555  or 0300 666 5515 from your mobile.

You can also report anti-social behaviour by calling 101, or in an emergency 999.

Collecting evidence

To help you, we'll need plenty of details about the problem, especially if it develops.

You'll need to collect evidence which we'll use in a number of ways - and possibly for any legal action we take.

The simplest way to do this is by keeping a diary or log of what happens and when.  To make it easier, we've produced some forms to help you record your diary.

Download our ASB record form. Once completed send your forms to your local Neighbourhood Co-ordinator.

Safer with Sentinel

We set up this initiative to help support vulnerable victims and witnesses in anti-social behaviour cases.

We've produced a range of customer information sheets about how we deal with anti-social behaviour.

We're committed to tackling ASB and improving the lives of residents in our neighbourhoods.  We take all reports of ASB seriously and whenever possible we'll take action against perpetrators. 

To help us investigate reports of ASB and take action we often rely on residents providing evidence and working with us to tackle the issue.  However, we also understand that it can be difficult for residents to stand up to ASB, especially in cases involving intimidation or harassment. We have therefore introduced our Safer with Sentinel scheme to support victims of ASB and encourage residents to take a stand.

Take a look at our customer information sheets for more help and advice. 

ASB Policies