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About leaseholds

We currently have around 800 leaseholders and we're committed to providing each of them with a first class service.

Sentinel currently has around 800 leaseholders across north Hampshire

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What is leasehold?

As a leaseholder you don't own the structure or exterior of your home, as it forms part of the block of flats or maisonettes. The ownership of the block remains with us.

Leasehold means that, unlike tenants of houses or bungalows who can buy the freehold of their home, the leasehold of a home can be purchased. A long leasehold of 125 years will often be granted.


Service charge

To contribute towards the upkeep of the block, a leaseholder is required to pay an annual fee to us. This is called a 'service charge' and varies from year to year.

For the period of the lease, the interior of your property becomes the leaseholders responsibility.

It's important that you make yourself familiar with the lease which was given to your solicitor when you completed the purchase of your home. If you have a mortgage, then your lease may be held by the mortgage company.

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