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Getting started online


Download Your guide to using Statements Online

Check your rent account online

If you're new to checking your rent account online, it's worth taking a minute to read up on the various features.

How long will it take for transactions to show on my online rent statement?

Under normal circumstances transactions take up to three working days to appear, which doesn't include Saturday or Sunday. If you have made a payment that does not appear on your statement in this time please contact us so that we can investigate and advise you. Please remember that if you are in receipt of housing benefit, this is paid in arrears and therefore the balance that is shown will reflect this.

Can I get a printed rent statement?

Yes. Please contact us and request that a statement is posted to you. In your request please include the address that the account refers to and the date range that you require. It is also possible to print your statement from statements online using the 'print statement' icon when viewing your statement.

How do I get help using rent statements online?

Help is available from the top navigation menu. You can either access an online user guide or use the /images/questionmark.jpg icons to view tool tips.

Where would I find my account reference number?

You can find your account reference in the top left-hand corner of your paper rent statement. It consists of three parts, the property reference, the tenancy suffix and the check digit.


My reference number isn't working

Your reference number comes in three sections e.g.

Statement reference: HD1001999 3 8

The second box must contain 3 digits so if your second reference number has less than 3 digits then please add zeros as shown:

Statement Reference example

How far back can I see my rent statements online?

Transactions from the previous 180 days are shown.

How do I search for transactions that took place at a certain time?

In the My statement screen you are able to use the calendar icons to search for statement information up to 180 days old.

What if I forget my password or other login details?

See the User Guide for a step by step walk through.

How do I register to see my rent statement information online?

See the User Guide for a step by step walk through.

What accounts should I see on the my accounts screen?

All those you have registered and successfully activated. For information about viewing multiple accounts see the User Guide.

Is there a charge for rent statements online?

No, this is a free service that we provide as part of our service to you.

Can I still get postal rent statements if I have online rent statements?

Yes, you will still get your paper rent statement unless you tell us that you no longer want it. If you do not want to receive your paper statement please contact us and request that change to your account.

What if I get my password or other login details wrong?

You must enter the correct username and password to log in. Passwords are case sensitive. Only by entering the correct username and password combination will you be allowed access to rent statements.

If you forget your password please follow the steps on the User Guide.

What transactions will be displayed on my online rent statement?

All transactions made on your account over the previous 180 days. Recent transactions may not appear as it can take up to three working days for us to receive transaction details. Please remember that if you are in receipt of housing benefit, this is paid in arrears and therefore the balance that is shown will reflect this.

How do you protect my account information online?

We do all we can to keep your information safe online, please refer to our security statement for further information on how we protect your account information.

What can I do to keep my information safe using online rent statements?

Keep your personal details secret - Never write down or reveal your Login details. Always log out after using Rent Statements Online. Just select the log out button and never leave your computer unattended while you're logged in to the service.

Why does my account log me out after a period of time?

You are logged out of your account after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is to reduce the risk of someone looking at your account without your permission. You must remember to log out after you have finished using the system.

Do you recommend that I clear out my computer cache?

There is no need to clear out your computer cache. For security, the system does not place pages in the cache. Session cookies are used to identify you after you have logged in. Session cookies are removed when you log out or close your browser.

Where will the activation letter be sent to?

The activation letter will be sent to the contact address registered to the account.

How long will it take to activate my account?

It will take up to three working days for the activation letter to arrive. As soon as you have received that letter you can use the activation key to start using your account.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.