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We're planning to build an average of 500 new homes every year until 2019...

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Meet your neighbourhood team

Your neighbourhood has a dedicated team of staff offering expert advice and support to help you and your family make the most of your home and community.

Your neighbourhood team is made up of:


Neighbourhood Manager: Chantal Mitchell







Neighbourhood Coordinator: Anita Foster







Neighbourhood Coordinator: Tina Widdison







Neighbourhood Coordinator: Terri McCombie







Neighbourhood Coordinator: Nicola Fremond





Neighbourhood Co-ordinators (NCO)

NCOs help with all aspects of tenancy management from getting you set up in your new home to resolving nuisance behaviours issues and keeping your neighbourhoods clean and tidy. They work closely with other agencies to make your neighbourhood a great place to live. Your Neighbourhood Co-ordinators are always pleased to hear your views and thoughts on any ideas you have for how to improve your homes and communities.

Arrears Officer

Responsible for all aspects of rent income. Your arrears officer can offer support and advice if you are experiencing financial difficulties and can point you in the direction of other agencies that can provide more specialist help. As a last resort the arrears officer will take legal action if you do not pay your rent.